Stewart says anyone who thinks President Trump is compromised by Russia has ‘lost entire perspective’ on the issue

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Rep. Chris Stewart said Wednesday night that anyone who thinks President Donald Trump is a Russian asset has been “corrupted” by their dislike for the president.

Stewart, as part of the House Intelligence Committee, will get a chance to question Trump’s former attorney, Michael Cohen, on Thursday. On CNN Wednesday night, Stewart clashed with Illinois Rep. Mike Quigley, a Democratic member of the House Intelligence Committee, over Trump’s ties to Russia.

“If you think and are supposing that Mr. Trump was a Russian asset, I think you have lost entire perspective on this,” said Stewart. 

Stewart added there’s no proof that the president or anyone connected with his campaign colluded with Russia during the 2016 campaign because they haven’t been charged by special counsel Robert Mueller.

“What accusations has he (Mueller) made against any U.S. citizen about Russian collusion or Russian conspiracy? Mr. Mueller has not made any accusations regarding this,” said Stewart.

Quigley said he believed the president was either compromised by a foreign power or he was using his candidacy to enrich himself. 

Stewart took exception to that, claiming that President Trump has been “far harder” on Russia than President Obama ever was.

Watch the clip below via CNN: