Utahns give Bishop, Stewart and Curtis good approval ratings, but they don’t much like House Speaker Nancy Pelosi

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Utahns living in their individual congressional districts give the state’s three Republican U.S. House members good grades, a recent UtahPolicy.com poll shows.

But, statewide, Utahns don’t like Democratic U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, D-Calif., and they are split on whether Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-KY, is doing a good job or not, finds Dan Jones & Associates.

Utah is a red state, so it makes sense most Utahns don’t like Pelosi – by a 63-30 percent they DISAPPROVE of the job she is doing as leader of the Democratic House.

But DJA finds McConnell is not well-liked in Utah, even though he leads the GOP majority in the Senate:

= 43 percent say McConnell is doing a good job, but 43 percent disapprove of the job he’s doing.

Most Utah women don’t like Pelosi, but they give her better grades than do men:

= Utah men disapprove of the speaker, 72-24 percent.

= But women disapprove of her only 55-34 percent, giving her better numbers.

And women give their GOP House members much poorer grades than do men in their districts:

= Rep. Rob Bishop in his 1st District gets good marks from men, 64-31 percent.

= But he’s not above 50 percent from women, 43-38 percent approval.

= 2nd District Rep. Chris Stewart gets 65-30 percent approval from men, but only 49-26 percent among women.

= And 3rd District Rep. John Curtis has 65-24 percent approval from men, but only 53-17 percent approval from women. And 25 percent of women, or a fourth of females, don’t have an opinion of Curtis. That’s not good.

As you would expect, Republicans hate Pelosi – the poster child for everything anti-Trump – giving her an 87-8 DISAPPROVAL rating.

But Utah Republicans give McConnell only a 60-25 percent approval rating – with a fourth of his own party here disapproving of his work as leader in the Senate.

= Bishop gets 74-16 percent from his own party in his district,

= Stewart gets 74-8 percent approval from Republicans.

= And Curtis gets 71-11 percent approval from Republicans, with a rather high 17 percent of his own party not knowing how he’s doing.

Democrats like Pelosi, 85-10 percent; they dislike McConnell, 76-14 percent.

They dislike Bishop and Stewart by large majorities.

But Democrats are split on Curtis, who is seen as a rather moderate guy, 38-32 percent approval, with a large 31 percent undecided on him.

= Political independents: They don’t like Pelosi, 52-37 percent; they don’t like McConnell, 53-30 percent.

And they are split over the three GOP congressmen:

= Dislike Bishop, 46-42 percent.

= Like Stewart, 47-41 percent.

= Like Curtis, 44-41 percent.

DJA only asked voters in the three U.S. House districts about their own congressmen – so no “outside” Utahns were polled in those three districts.

And DJA didn’t poll on freshman Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams in his 4th District on his approval ratings, since he was just sworn into office in early January, when the poll surveying started – Jan. 3-15.

Statewide – the questions on Pelosi and McConnell – had a sample of 822 voters, for a margin of error of plus or minus 3.4 percent.

In each of the three House districts, 204 people were surveyed, for a margin of error of plus or minus 6.9 percent.