Utah’s GOP members of Congress hail Mueller report summary saying Trump did not collude with Russians

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Several Republican members of Utah’s Congressional delegation took to Twitter on Sunday to hail the four-page summary from Attorney General Bob Barr which says special counsel Robert Mueller’s report did not find a conspiracy between the Trump campaign and Russia in 2016.

Rep. Chris Stewart, who has long been a defender of President Trump, said Democrats and members of the media who claimed collusion between the president and Russia should apologize for “creating this political crisis.”


Sen. Mitt Romney tweeted Sunday it was “good news” that Mueller’s report showed no evidence of collusion.

Rep. Rob Bishop released a statement saying the report will allow Congress to put the “political distraction” behind them.

“The conclusion of this investigation is welcome and encouraging and I am heartened to learn the Special Counsel has arrived at these determinations. While I am pleased with the outcome of this investigation, I am all the more pleased to be able to now put these questions behind us and get on with the important duty of working for the American people without an overshadowing political distraction. America deserves our full attention. Now, onward and upward!” said Bishop.

Rep. John Curtis thanked special counsel Robert Mueller for his work and urged the public release of his report.

“I look forward to reading the complete report as soon as it is available. I remain consistent in my opinion that the American people should have that same opportunity as soon as possible so that we can put this period of doubt and division behind us and begin to restore faith in our institutions. I want to thank Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his team for their service and their fastidious execution of their duties,” he said in a statement.