Bill Aims to Stop Unwanted Encroachment by Feds Into Utah’s Public Ed (Video)

Rep. Steve Eliason (R-Sandy)has proposed legislation to keep a school district from taking money from the federal Department of Education without state approval.
Eliason says his bill stems from an incident in California where the state rejected money for a proposal, so the feds offered the funding to individual school districts instead.

“This bill is not meant to stop any existing programs,” he said. “It’s only for programs that our State School Board rejects, and it stops the feds from circumventing the state school board.”

HB 425 would financially punish those school districts that go around the State School Board to take federal money.

“If they take a dollar for a program, they may be penalized $2 in their weighted pupil unit, which any administrator would realize is not worth it.”