Straw poll: Brown favored to become next GOP chairman

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Former Utah Rep. Derek Brown is the odds-on favorite to be the next chairman of the Utah Republican Party according to a straw poll of our “Political Insiders” and readers.

We asked our “Insider” panel and readers who they thought is most likely to be elected to replace current chair Rob Anderson, who is retiring after one term in office.

All three groups we surveyed picked Brown as the most likely winner of the election at the Utah GOP Convention in May.

  • 86% of the Republicans on our panel said Brown was most likely to win. 12% picked former vice-chair Phill Wright and just 2% thought newcomer Sylvia Miera-Fisk would win.
  • 58% of the Democrats who responded and 60% of our readers also picked Brown as the most likely winner.

Anderson announced he was stepping down from the post earlier this month. His time in office has been marked by battles with a small group of hardliners on the State Central Committee, led by Wright, who continued to push a court battle against Utah’s election law which allows candidates to go around the traditional convention system by gathering signatures to get on a primary ballot. That legal fight, which produced one win and a string of losses, nearly bankrupted the party.


Republican delegates will gather at Utah Valley University on May 4 to select new party officers. 

Selected anonymous comments:

Derek is the most common sense person to take over.

The GOP would be INSANE to elect someone who is at the heart of the current civil war. They need to choose someone who is not only sufficiently diplomatic to bring people together but also has credibility with the folks who keep the party afloat financially. They need someone who can turn the corner for the party.

Anyone than Phil Wright.  Phil is not in touch with reality.  He even does not watch “reality television” (that might taint him).  He is at least partially the reason that the Utah GOP is in the mess it is in financially and otherwise. Please refer to 2 Peter 2: 22.  This verse is quite appropriate.

Phil Wright would be a complete disaster.

I am not even certain why Derek wants to be the Chair.  The GOP as a meaningful operation is a relic of the 90s & nobody cares about nor needs them anymore.

Derek is the only choice. I hope that he is able to get the mutiny under control.

Derek has the skills and ability to bring grass root advocates, elected officials, and donors together in a united purpose. We need to stop fighting each other and work to get great Republican’s elected!

Derek has an impeccable resume and will help heal the rifts in the party. And, his fundraising ability means the party won’t be beholden to a single benefactor

The inmates are running the asylum so there’s no doubt they’ll find a way to choose a leader hell-bent on carrying on the foolish crusade to hold onto their power. The entire party should be blown up and replaced with something that better reflects the political views of the majority of Republicans in this state before we all grow too embarrassed to be called Republicans at all.

If Derek doesn’t win, the party dies. It’s already on life support.

Derek is the only one who can unite the Party.  He has the experience and the knowledge to move us in the right direction.

I’m not impressed with Derek Brown and I have no idea who Sylvia is. No matter who it is they will be better than the walking disaster that is Anderson! Good riddance!

Anyone other than Derek is a disaster for the GOP. Full stop.

It will be a very contentious campaign. Derek will need thick skin. Phill is completely obtuse. Sylvia has no clue what she’s is doing.

God help us all if Phill Wright wins.

Derek has a unique ability to straddle the divides in the party. He is the only candidate with so many productive relationships on all sides of every dispute. He is a particularly good-natured and principled person. I don’t actually know anyone who knows him but doesn’t like him, which is basically unheard of in politics. If anyone can bring the party together to do something meaningful, Derek can. We are lucky he’s willing to do it.

Derek is literally the ONLY candidate that can unite the party, get Republicans elected, organize GOTV efforts, and raise money. Phill Wright is the ONLY candidate that will literally ensure more infighting and a Bateman-controlled explosion.

Phill Wright is in for another disappointment. Derek Brown is going to win in a landslide. Hopefully, the SCC will see significant shifts in membership as well and Utah Republicans can get back to doing things that actually matter.

Despite a vocal, and active, minority, I think the majority of delegates are satisfied with the process that has taken place to ask the courts about the constitutionality of SB 54. Now is the time to move on and Derek Brown is the only one of the three who has the ability to work with all three components of the GOP, the grassroots, donors, and elected officials.

Just entering this race is an indication of insanity. What sane person has a desire to answer to a central committee filled with crackpots?

Phill Wright is a great speaker and can be inspiring. Unfortunately, he chooses to inspire anger and hatred most of the time he opens his mouth. He’d be bad for our party.

Derek Brown is the adult in the room.  He can help restore sanity to a political party that has been hijacked by nut jobs.  Or maybe not if the State Central Committee has its way.

Why anyone would want to try and run this s**t show is beyond me, and I’m a GOP State Delegate!

If the GOP is to remain relevant, Derek Brown is the only option.  Otherwise, Democrats in the state will begin to make inroads. Phill Wright and his minions have destroyed everything that was good about the unique political system in Utah.