Press release: Burningham raises over $400,000 for 2020 governor’s race

Jeff Burningham has announced that, in his first month of fundraising, he raised over $400K from 127 individual donors for his gubernatorial campaign committee. Burningham, a Provo business leader, announced in January that he is exploring a run for Governor of Utah in 2020.

“I’m encouraged by the broad base of support we’re seeing for this campaign,” Burningham  said. “I’m grateful to everyone who has stepped forward to make an investment in Utah’s future. Together we can help take our state to the next level.”

“Financial resources play a critical role in reaching voters,” Burningham’s campaign manager, Adrielle Herring, said. “Unfortunately, too often, voters go to the polls wondering if they have enough information to make good decisions on election day. Candidates need to do a better job reaching voters with meaningful information. It’s been great to see so many people offer to help Jeff raise the resources necessary to connect with voters.”

Burningham said the grassroots support for his candidacy is also encouraging. “The results of Utah Policy’s straw poll, which they released yesterday, indicate that our grassroots support is growing. We’ve been working hard, meeting with people all over Utah. We feel confident that our fundraising numbers coupled with our grassroots support will be a force to be reckoned with.”

Later this year, Burningham will announce a final decision about getting in the race. He is currently engaged in a listening tour, meeting with Utahns throughout the state. For more information, please visit or contact Adrielle Herring at 801.362.6075 or [email protected].