Curtis hosts environmental stewardship roundtable

Congressional News 01

Representative John Curtis (R-UT), member of the House Natural Resources Committee, released the following statement after hosting a roundtable on environmental stewardship and innovation. The roundtable discussion included a diverse range of groups representing the energy industry, transportation, and government.

“I’ve often said that we cannot expect change from others until we are willing to make sacrifices ourselves. I’m pleased to see that so many Utah companies are actively seeking to improve our communities, both economically and environmentally,” said Curtis. “For example, all Utahns are aware of the negative impacts of inversion on our air quality, but most are unaware of the numerous efforts being made by the public and private sector to tackle such environmental problems. This roundtable opened my eyes to new innovative technologies that are being developed, and efforts by a diverse group of Utahns, to combat our unique environmental challenges.”

The roundtable highlighted concerted efforts by the participants to contribute to their local communities, provide jobs for Utahns, and leave the region better environmentally than they found it through reducing air pollution, partnering to make sustainable energies, educating the public, and more.