Today in history – May 3, 2019

1802 – Washington, D.C. is incorporated as a city.

1913 – The California Alien Land Law of 1913 (Webb-Haney Act) passed the California state Senate. The bill forbade immigrants from owning any land for agricultural or gardening purposes.

1921 – West Virginia becomes the first state to legislate a broad sales tax, but does not implement it until some years later due to enforcement issues.

1948 – The Supreme Court rules in Shelley v. Kraemer that covenants prohibiting the sale of real estate to blacks and other minorities are legally unenforceable.

1952 – Lieutenant Colonels Joseph O. Fletcher and William P. Benedict of the United States land a plane at the North Pole.

1957 – Walter O’Malley, the owner of the Brooklyn Dodgers, agrees to move the team from Brooklyn to Los Angeles.

1978 – The first unsolicited bulk email (which would later become known as “spam”) is sent by a Digital Equipment Corporation marketing representative to every ARPANET address on the west coast of the United States.

1979 – Margaret Thatcher and the Conservative Party won the British general election, making her the first woman prime minister of a major European nation.