Wayne Holland withdraws from UDP chair race to focus on Biden for President campaign

Democrat Donkey

Former three-term, Utah Democratic Party Chair and UDP National Committeeman, Wayne Holland, announced Thursday that he is withdrawing from the current race for chair to focus on full-time activities as an advocate for former Vice President Joe Biden in Utah and the Mountain West.

“I am withdrawing my candidacy for UDP Chair to focus on the single most important issue facing our nation, electing a president who will truly fight for the working families of America.”  

“The Utah Democratic Party Chair needs to maintain a neutral position during the nominating process.  My decision to support Joe Biden for President makes neutrality impossible. My first-hand experiences with President Obama and Vice President Joe Biden since 2008 compels me to join Joe Biden’s efforts to restore the soul of this nation.  This is a calling I dare not decline.”

“Joe Biden is a leader who believes to his core that ordinary, hard-working middle-class Americans should have a fighting chance to live the American dream. Joe Biden is undoubtedly the most qualified leader in this race, a leader who can and will fight to grow and raise up our declining middle class.”  

“Joe Biden is clearly the one candidate that can beat the current incumbent restoring dignity, honor and humanity to the Oval Office.  The country and the world needs and deserves the person most qualified to steer the ship of state forward on day one.”

“My hope for the Utah Democratic Party remains a constant concern.  It is my prayer that the delegates will elect and then support executive officers who will work together in building a Utah Democratic Party that works for the majority of the residents of Utah; by recruiting and supporting community based candidates, by supporting county parties and local communities and by focusing on the Party’s number one objective — WINNING ELECTIONS.”

“Once elected by the delegates, a chair should be supported.  As a former chair, I was always grateful to the delegates, the elected officials and the executive committee members that worked diligently as a team to move forward as a unified Party.”