Lime picks UCAIR for sweet clean air donation deal

The Utah Clean Air Partnership has become the exclusive beneficiary of the Lime Hero donation program in Utah.

Lime Hero gives riders the option to round up the cost or add a small percentage to the cost of their ride that is donated to a local nonprofit to support local causes. In Utah, the local cause Lime supports is air quality.

Half of Utah’s pollution comes from automobile exhaust. Meanwhile, 30% of Lime electric scooter riders report their last scooter ride was in the place of a car trip. Lime scooters have now tallied hundreds of thousands of trips across Utah since launch in Salt Lake City on July 27, 2018.

“When it comes to air quality, there are no perfect answers but there are practical solutions, like riding Lime,” said Thom Carter, Executive Director of UCAIR. “Every Lime scooter ride decreases mobile emissions. The fewer vehicle emissions, the better our air quality will be. And now, riders can double down on their efforts by rounding up the cost of their ride. Every few cents multiplied by thousands of rides each month creates resources to fund exchanges and other programs to continue our progress toward cleaner air.”

Nationally, 20% of people ride Lime scooters as first mile/last mile vehicles between train and bus transit stations to increase the convenience of using transit.

“Cities throughout Utah have demonstrated how micromobility options combined with good bike infrastructure and a quality transit system can really work together for the benefit of residents and visitors alike,” said Jonathan Hopkins, Lime’s director of strategic development for the NW US. “By working together with UCAIR, we can further contribute to clean air across Utah, which benefits everyone,” Hopkins said.

Lime is also committed to providing better access to all. As part of Lime’s efforts to serve the entire community, the ongoing Lime Access program allows any user who is enrolled in a city, state or federal low-income program to receive at least half off the cost of every scooter ride.