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Moderates have regained control of the Utah Republican Party after GOP delegates ousted several anti-SB54 zealots from the party this year. That’s good news as the GOP needs to figure out how to win votes in Salt Lake County.

Newly elected GOP Chair Derek Brown says he can get the party back on track fiscally without accepting a $100,000 donation from Dave Bateman.

Republican challengers to Democrat Ben McAdams are starting to get their campaigns ready for next year. Kathleen Anderson is the first, but she certainly won’t be the last.

The Utah Legislature is getting ready to tackle the sticky problem of tax reform this week. We let you know what to expect.

Speaking of Ben McAdams, he is working to find a middle path in Congress, urging Republicans and Democrats to put aside partisan fighting and work with the Trump White House to accomplish things.

The first Democratic presidential debate is just one month away.

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Veteran journalists Bryan Schott and Bob Bernick discuss the latest Utah political news in the newest episode of their award-winning podcast.

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