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We have our first poll in the Salt Lake City mayor’s race. Jim Dabakis has a lead, but a look into the numbers shows it’s not as commanding as some would want you to think.

Rep. Chris Stewart defends President Trump’s statement that he would be open to taking information about his opponents from a foreign country, saying it would be okay if it came from an ally. Sen. Mitt Romney took the opposite side, saying it would be unthinkable to accept foreign interference in our elections.

Rep. Ben McAdams helps derail a plan to give members of Congress a pay raise. That was a good political decision by McAdams who would like to win reelection in his solidly Republican district next year.

Gov. Gary Herbert’s former campaign manager is in hot water. His PAC has raised a bunch of money but mostly spent it on fundraising and salaries. Will this lead to some sort of campaign finance reform? We discuss.

Plus, Sarah Huckabee Sanders is leaving, Kellyanne Conway is staying (even though a federal agency says she should be fired) and ABC News gets their hands on some internal polling numbers President Trump said don’t exist.

Veteran journalists Bryan Schott and Bob Bernick discuss the latest Utah political news in the newest episode of their award-winning podcast.

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