Joint statement regarding the Utah Department of Public Safety and federal searches

Utah Legislative leaders, including Senate President Stuart Adams, Speaker Brad Wilson, Senate Minority Leader Karen Mayne, and House Minority Leader Brian King, issued the following joint statement regarding the Utah Department of Public Safety.

“As members of legislative leadership, we want to express confidence in the dedicated professionals at the Utah Department of Public Safety. We are eager to learn more of their efforts to ensure personal data of Utahns, including the use of driver’s license information for facial recognition searches, are protected from misuse by any agency. While their work is important, equally important is the privacy of Utahns. Any search must be authorized by law, done in a careful and limited manner, and effectively balance privacy concerns with law enforcement and public safety needs. We will continue to closely monitor this situation to determine if legislative action is needed in the future. We have tasked the Government Operation Interim Committee to follow this situation and hold committee meetings if necessary.”