Utah Policy/KSL Insider Survey: Herbert’s ‘Healthy Utah’ Proposal

Gov. Gary Herbert has begun negotiations with the federal government over his “Healthy Utah” alternative to Medicaid expansion. We asked our “Political Insiders” and readers how successful they think he will be.

Selected anonymous comments:

“The only reason to reject Utah taxpayer money to help Utahn’s is misguided partisan philosophy, which is exactly why the Speaker and other House Members will try to kill the deal. In the end, common sense will prevail and Lockhart will lose (again).”

“I’m still disappointed that we are continuing to give away money in our endless quest to show that ‘we don’t need the feds.’ When is somebody in state government going to realize that Utah’s citizens’ taxes are going to other states because Herbert and the Legislature are giving away money that would otherwise come back to us?”

“Just as the soap opera ‘As the World Turns’ never reaches a conclusion, the posturing of Utah right wing politicians, goes from drama to drama without any positive result. Maybe that is what we deserve.”

“It’s just a matter of time before the governor gets this done.”

“There is too much common sense for it to be rejected. Other states are doing similar approaches.”

“The Legislature is not going to reach agreement on Medicaid expansion as they approach an election.”

“No one is going to get everything they want out of this – not the legislature, the Governor, the feds or the health care advocates. It is time to hold hands and move forward.”

“After he returns with a better but not comprehensive compromise, the one-party legislature still won’t approve it because it’s too kind to the poor.””Either way, the Legislature will fight it.”

“This legislature has no conscience when it comes to medicare. It just isn’t in their nature to think that some people that need help are not freeloaders.”

“Can someone tell Lockhart to focus on her people instead of her political career. Being loyal to a political party is not the reason why she got elected to represent her people. She has one of the highest rates of uninsured in the state. HER DAMN DISTRICT! Expanding Medicaid with almost no state funds is the way to go. She needs to stop thinking about her hopeful bid to governor and give the people of Utah what we deserve.”

“The feds will offer decent compromises, but not give away the whole thing because they are, in fact, trying to actually help the working poor, children, and seniors–we’ve got plenty of those in Utah–get access to health care, as opposed to our Legislature.”