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The much-anticipated Mueller hearings came and went this week. Did the marathon television event change any minds?

Mueller highlighted the threat from foreign interference in our elections. Why isn’t Congress doing enough to combat that ahead of 2020?

Rep. Chris Stewart tried for a big “gotcha” moment during his 5 minutes questioning Mueller, but it turns out he’s pretty bad at that.

Rep. Ben McAdams has the highest approval ratings of Utah’s congressional delegation, but Sen. Mitt Romney has the highest disapproval. We break down the numbers.

Ballots in the Salt Lake City mayoral race hit mailboxes this week. Are there any issues that could still sway voters, or is it nothing more than a turnout game at this point in the race?

Plus, Bryan’s book club recommendations!

Spencer Stokes of Stokes Strategies joins Managing Editor Bryan Schott to chew over the pressing issues in Utah politics.


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