314 Action endorses Erin Mendenhall for SLC mayor

314 Action, the nation’s largest resource for scientists and STEM professionals running for public office, announced its endorsement of Erin Mendenhall. 

Erin is running to be mayor of Salt Lake City. Now in her second term on the City Council, Erin entered public service as a clean-air activist. She co-founded a non-profit organization, Breathe Utah, to create educational programming for Utahns and advocate for better policy, and now chairs Utah’s Air Quality Board. Erin earned a master’s degree in Science and Technology from the University of Utah and has made improving Salt Lake City’s air quality through practical, evidence-based solutions the centerpiece of her campaign. 


President of 314 Action, Shaughnessy Naughton, released the following statement:

“314 Action is proud to stand with Erin and endorse her as the best choice for Mayor of Salt Lake City. Who better than someone with Erin’s background to aggressively advocate for clean air for all Utahns and place an emphasis on evidence-based solutions to achieve that goal?”

Erin Mendenhall released the following statement:

“Salt Lake City deserves a mayor with the right experience for a change. There is no more important issue facing our city than the quality of our air, but in this election, it shouldn’t be enough to simply want to make things better. You should have to know how to do it. Our next mayor should have real experience in the science and policy that will finally help clean our air. I’ve dedicated my life to improving our air quality through practical, evidence-based and data-driven solutions. That’s why I went back to the U to earn a master’s degree in Science and Technology — to be better equipped to make policy decisions rooted in good science. I’m honored that 314 Action has decided to support me for mayor. Governments at every level would certainly benefit from the public service of more scientists and STEM professionals, and given the magnitude of the air quality problem in Salt Lake City, I look forward to contributing that kind of expertise as our mayor.”

The 2018 election cycle — which saw 9 of 314 Action’s endorsed federal candidates winning office, more than one hundred down ballot and an unprecedented number of scientists and STEM professionals running for office — was just the start for scientists moving from the lab to public office. In 2020, 314 Action aims to recruit scientists, engineers, technologists and STEM professionals in as many of the 25 targeted districts as possible, and will provide recruited candidates with logistics and support throughout their primary and general elections.