Republicans and Democrats Tied on 2014 Generic Ballot

Republicans and Democrats are tied on the latest “generic” Congressional poll.

The survey from George Washington University finds 43% of Americans said they would vote for a Republican and 43% said they would vote for a Democrat. The findings suggest the 2014 elections could be competitive, but voters are not happy with either party.

From the Hill:

Among people who say they’re extremely likely to vote, Republicans had a 5-percentage-point advantage.

The outcome of the midterm elections could be based on the public’s opinion of incumbents and Washington in general, pollster Celinda Lake said. According to the poll, 46 percent approved of their representative, 42 percent disapproved and 12 percent were unsure. Eighty-two percent, meanwhile, said they disapproved of Congress as whole. 

“Both parties are universally despised,” Lake said. “The best thing the Republicans have going for them is how much the Democrats are hated. The best thing the Democrats have going for them is how much the Republicans are hated.”