Romney & Burgess Owens to speak at Sutherland event


The Sutherland Institute has announced that Sen. Mitt Romney will speak about The Case for Conservatism in Sutherland’s 2019 Congressional Series presented by Zions Bank.Following Romney’s remarks, NFL star Burgess Owens will participate in a Q&A session with Rick B. Larsen, Sutherland Institute president. The event will be held on Monday, Aug. 19. Details are found below.

The is a private event, but it is open to the public with advance ticket registration and will be streamed live on Sutherland’s Facebook page. It is also open to media who RSVP in advance to[email protected]..
“In an era of ballooning deficits; social, racial and economic divisions; and isolationist tendencies, socialism isn’t the solution,” Sen. Romney said. “Conservatives need to promote a governing vision that reaffirms our core principles and resonates with younger Americans who will ultimately shape the future of our country.”
“Conservative values are, for many, intermingled with partisan politics,” said Rick B. Larsen, Sutherland Institute president. “Without a clear explanation and defense of the value of societal institutions like faith, family and free market principles, upcoming generations may lack an accurate perception as to what conservatism means. Based on my personal associations with both the Romney family and Burgess Owens over the years, there are no two better people to ‘make the case.’”


\WHEN: Monday, Aug. 19, 10 a.m. – 12 p.m. MDT
WHERE: Sutherland Institute
15 W. South Temple
Suite 200
Salt Lake City

Sutherland Institute’s Congressional Series is designed to facilitate civil dialogue and convene stakeholders, elected officials and community leaders to discuss important issues. These are private events. As such, Sutherland reserves the right to deny access to or remove any individual who interrupts a speaker or panelist, is disruptive or combative in tone, and/or refuses to allow open and civil dialogue. By attending any event, you agree to these terms and conditions.