CYBER24 podcast: Cyber hacks on schools lead to a state of emergency

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Across the country, parents are busy with back-to-school shopping while kids are squeezing every minute of rest and relaxation they can out of the final weeks of summer vacation. As schools prepare to welcome students back, many are becoming targets of hackers. 

In this week’s episode of CYBER24, our panel of cybersecurity experts discusses the recent attacks in Louisiana that prompted the governor to declare a state of emergency as three parish schools were hit with ransomware. Something similar happened to one of the largest school districts in Oklahoma. We take a look at what business and policy leaders need to know about the attacks, how to prevent them and how to respond. 

We also discuss a new report that shows enterprise-level companies are devoting more resources to their cybersecurity efforts but they aren’t sure how to know if what they are doing is effective. 

Our panelists this week are Dan Schuyler of VLCM and Paul Whittier from Sophos.