Utah County Commissioners set to launch ‘Your County, Your Voice’ program

Utah County Commissioners Bill Lee, Nathan Ivie, and Tanner Ainge announced a new program intended to gather citizen feedback called, “Your County, Your Voice.” The survey tools are intended to solicit input on a number of issues facing Utah County and to better understand concerns of county residents. 

“I am excited for the implementation of this important program. This is the people’s government, so it is vital that we have meaningful citizen input on the important issues facing Utah County. I look forward to seeing an increase in citizen engagement and feedback,” said Commissioner Bill Lee.

“Research and analysis play an important role in the decisions we make as a County Commission. Prior to the launch of this program, we did not have the tools to consider and analyze the voice, opinions and preferences of those we represent. I’m thrilled to add this capability to our county government and I’m hoping our residents will develop a louder, clearer, more engaged voice in our legislative process as a result,” said Commissioner Tanner Ainge.

“At the heart of successful government is citizen input and participation. I am so excited to have this new tool to help your county government better reflect the voice of the people. I look forward to hearing from more of our citizens and using that feedback to better represent them, “ said Commissioner Nathan Ivie.

The first survey takes less than three minutes to complete and asks questions about the use of county resources as well as general demographic questions. Survey responses will be kept confidential and used for research purposes only. 

The County Commission encourages all voting age residents to participate. Those residents who do not receive an email from the county may take the survey with the following link.