Box Elder Commissioner Stan Summers considering run for congress in 2020

Stan Summers

Add one more name to the list of Republicans considering jumping into the race to replace Rep. Rob Bishop in Utah’s 1st Congressional District. Box Elder County Commissioner Stan Summers tells he’s thinking about making a run for Congress next year.

“I’m still talking to a few people,” says Summers. “I’ve got a bunch of people asking me to run who say they would back me if I get in the race.”

Summers, who describes himself as a “dairy farmer with a big mouth,” says he has to decide between a campaign for Congress or running again for the Box Elder Commission as he’s on cycle for re-election in 2020.

“I can see what happens in D.C. and honestly, they’re not doing a lot,” says Summers. “I’m a Republican, but I’m an American first. At some point, you have to move the football. Being conservative doesn’t mean doing nothing.”

Summers says if he decides to pull the trigger on a congressional run, he will gather signatures to get on the ballot in 2020 as well as go through the traditional caucus/convention system.

“Everyone should have a chance to vote, especially when it comes to offices like this,” says Summers, explaining why he supports the signature route to the ballot. “The last time we had an opening in this office was 20 years ago. You’re going to see a lot of candidates come out to run.”

Summers tells he will likely make his decision by the end of October.

Summers will join what promises to be a crowded field vying to succeed Bishop next year. Already Kaysville Mayor Katie Witt and Morgan County Councilwoman Tina Cannon have started their campaigns.

Other Republicans thinking about running include Neutraceutical founder Bruce Hough, Utah Ag and Food Commissioner Kerry Gibson, Davis County Commissioner Bob Stevenson, Utah Credit Union Association President Scott Simpson and Clearfield Mayor Mark Shepherd.

Several Republican legislators are also mulling a bid, including Reps. Stephen Handy, Lee Perry and Paul Ray.