Stewart dismisses second Ukraine whistleblower: ‘Why should I care?’

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Rep. Chris Stewart said Sunday he was “not at all” concerned by the emergence of a second whistleblower regarding President Donald Trump’s dealings with Ukraine. 

On Fox News Sunday Stewart said another whistleblower is not worrying to him at all.

“One of our concerns has always been there hasn’t been firsthand knowledge of this,” said Stewart. “The first whistleblower, virtually everything that he accused was second- and third-hand knowledge.”

An attorney for the original Ukraine whistleblower says he is now representing “multiple” whistleblowers, including one who claims to have first-hand knowledge of a phone call with the president of Ukraine where President Trump is alleged to have pressured him to investigate Joe Biden and his son.

Stewart cast doubt on whether a new whistleblower would add any new information on Trump’s dealings Ukraine, pointing to a memo released by the White House detailing parts of the phone call in question.

“It does not matter. This person is going to come forward and say, “Yep, the president had this phone call and, yep, that’s the transcript. Why should I care at all what his perspective or his opinion or judgment of this transcript is?” says Stewart.

Stewart also weighed in on President Trump’s attacks on Sen. Mitt Romney. Trump called for Romney’s impeachment in a series of tweets on Saturday. 

“I’m just going to say Mitt Romney is a big boy. President Trump is a big boy. They can settle their differences. I’m not going to weigh in on that. They’ve had disagreements in the past,” he said.

Watch the clip below via Fox News: