Lee not sure Trump did anything wrong in dealings with Ukraine

20191008 Lee Fox

Sen. Mike Lee said Monday night based on what he’s seen so far, President Trump may not have done anything wrong in his dealings with Ukraine.

Appearing on Fox News, Lee said the readout of President Trump’s call with the Ukraine president does not contain anything impeachable, and the available evidence suggests Trump may not be guilty of any wrongdoing.

“Based on the transcript we’ve been giving, I don’t see anything in there that is impeachment worthy. I don’t see anything in there that indicates President Trump did anything wrong,” said Lee. “What it indicates is that President Trump succeeded where the Obama Administration tried and failed for several years to encourage the Ukrainian government to get serious about corruption.”

At least one anonymous whistleblower has come forward to raise concerns that President Trump pressured Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival, pursing a debunked conspiracy theory that former Vice President Joe Biden used his office to benefit his son Hunter. 

The House launched an impeachment inquiry of President Trump after the readout of his call with the Ukrainian president seemingly confirmed he pushed them to investigate the Bidens. There is some speculation that Republican Senators are secretly plotting to remove Trump from office if the House does impeach him. Lee says that’s simply not true.

“This idea that somehow there is a massive swarm of Republican senators itching to remove the president, that’s nonsense,” said Lee. “That’s science-fiction, paranoid fantasy. It simply isn’t true. It is certainly not backed up by anything that I’ve seen and I’ve had a number of conversations with my colleagues. I can’t speak for any of them, but I can tell you that it is simply incorrect to say there is a groundswell of support for removing the president among Senate Republicans.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News: