Situational awareness – October 14, 2019

Good Monday morning from Salt Lake City

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Here are the stories you need to pay attention to this morning:

  • More than half of Utah voters disapprove of President Trump’s job performance.
  • Utahns are divided on whether Congress should hold impeachment hearings.
  • President Trump orders U.S. forces out of northern Syria.

Trivial winners

Congratulations to subscriber Sandy Tenney who was the first to identify Howard Jarvis as the former Utah Republican Party Executive Director who appeared on the cover of Time Magazine and was in the classic comedy movie “Airplane!”

Jarvis was one of the authors of California’s Prop. 13, which slashed property taxes. In the film, he was left in a Taxi at the curb at the airport.

Because she was first, Tenney gets to submit this Friday’s trivia question.

Stay tuned.


Days to the 2019 Utah municipal elections: 22 (11/5/2019)

Days to the first day of the 2020 Utah Legislature: 105 (1/27/2020)

Days to the Utah presidential primaries: 141 (3/3/2020)

Days to the 2020 Utah primary elections: 260 (6/23/2020)

Days to the 2020 election: 386 (11/3/2020)