Television ad slams Romney for being a ‘Democratic asset’ on impeachment

20191016 Club For Growth Romney ad

The conservative Club for Growth is launching an ad in Utah attacking Sen. Mitt Romney over the effort to impeach President Donald Trump.

The ad suggests Romney is stabbing President Trump in the back by conspiring with Democrats in Congress to impeach him. The commercial paints Romney as a turncoat for accepting Trump’s endorsement during his 2012 presidential run and lobbying to be Secretary of State in the Trump administration. There’s a companion website ( that slams Romney for “colluding with Democrats.”

The ad is based on a Vanity Fair report citing a single anonymous source claiming Romney is attempting to rally support in the Senate to remove President Trump through impeachment. Romney’s office has denied that this is the case. The same report claims Republican donors are pressuring Romney to launch a primary challenge against Trump in 2020, something Romney says he has no plans to do.


“Slick, slippery, stealthy. Mitt Romney had us fooled,” says the announcer in a script for the ad provided to “Posing as a Republican he tried to infiltrate Trump’s administration as Secretary of State. Now his cover’s blown – exposed by news reports as a Democrat secret asset.”

The spot then says Romney is “plotting to take down President Trump” through impeachment, and asks viewers to call his office.

The ad will run statewide in Utah on Fox News as well as online from October 12-27 with a $25,000 budget.

Romney is seemingly a strange target on the impeachment issue. He won election in 2018 with more than 60% of the vote and will likely never appear on the same ballot as President Trump. Club for Growth President David McIntosh says Romney was the first Republican to signal he may be open to impeaching President Trump over his dealings with Ukraine.

“He’s shown us through his actions that he tends to flip flop on issues,” said McIntosh. “He used to be for Trump, and now he’s not. It’s important for us to highlight his stance on this issue.”

Romney has not officially taken any stance on impeachment, saying only he wants to know the facts and will withhold his judgment until the issue comes to the Senate in a potential impeachment trial. He has not weighed in on the impeachment inquiry in the House.

“We are calling on conservatives in Utah to contact Romney’s office and tell him to stop working with Democrats to impeach President Trump who is being falsely targeted. There are two things Sen. Romney is good at: changing positions and alienating conservatives, and now he is bringing his unique brand of self-promoting flip-flopping to yet another issue,” said McIntosh.

Romney did draw the ire of President Trump and his supporters when he said the details of a July phone call where President Trump pressured the president of Ukraine to dig up dirt on a political rival were “deeply troubling.” However, Romney said he was eager for the full details to come out. President Trump responded with a tantrum on Twitter, calling Romney a “pompous ass” and calling for Romney’s impeachment (which is not possible).

House Democrats launched an impeachment inquiry following allegations that the Trump administration may have withheld military aid to Ukraine to force that country to launch an investigation into former Vice President Joe Biden and his son, Hunter.

Romney also spoke out when President Trump suggested on camera that China should also investigate the Biden’s, saying the effort was “politically motivated” and called the remarks “wrong and appalling.”

Club for Growth hasn’t always been a staunch Trump supporter. During the 2016 Republican presidential primary race, the group spent $2 million on ads opposing Trump, prompting the then-GOP frontrunner to call the group “very dishonest” and “bad for America” on Twitter.