CYBER 24 podcast: Cyber attacks as part of military responses

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Cyber warfare is at the heart of a potential U.S. response to incidents in the Middle East, according to published reports. While attacks and responses to attacks have traditionally been held on the battlefield, that battlefield is increasingly moving to the cyber world. 

In this week’s podcast we discuss how the U.S. uses cyber attacks, whether or not they are a more civil way to engage in conflicts and what it means for the American government and American businesses. 

Plus, we look into airport wifi networks and our expert panel weighs in on whether or not they are safe, and how you can safely use the wifi once you are in the air. 


Expert Panel: 

Dan Schuyler – VLCM
Phillip Kemp – VLCM

Articles discussed:
The New York Times – The Urgent Search for a Cyber Silver Bullet Against Iran

Forbes – Why You Should Never Use Free Airport Wi-Fi