Romney says he will keep a ‘completely open mind’ on Trump impeachment

Mitt Romney 05

Sen. Mitt Romney is done talking about the potential impeachment of President Donald Trump, saying he plans to be impartial and keep a “completely open mind” until the process is finished.

“I’m going to keep an open mind and I’m going to wait to make comments on any evidence. I want to see the facts,” Romney told CNBC. “In my view, it’s time for me to stay silent on impeachment until the process is complete.”

The House has launched an impeachment inquiry into Trump’s interactions with the president of Ukraine and whether he pressured that country to dig up dirt on his domestic political rivals. Representatives will vote on a resolution to set rules for an impeachment process on Thursday.

Romney and Trump have publicly clashed in recent weeks over the Ukraine controversy. Trump called Romney a “pompous ass” on Twitter after Romney said the president pushing for foreign nations to investigate his rivals was “wrong and appalling.”