Bishop honors retiring Major General Burton

Congressional News 04

On November 7th, Major General Jefferson S. Burton will retire from the Utah National Guard where he has served as Adjutant General since October 2012. To honor the occasion, Rep. Rob Bishop (UT-01) delivered remarks from the House floor.

TRANSCRIPT: On November 7th, Utah will honor a soldier’s soldier. For the past seven years the men and women of the Utah National Guard have been inspired by Major General Jefferson S. Burton. He was chosen for his battle tested grit and resolve.

You see, in 2003 this [fifth-generation] Utahn lead the 14-57th Engineer Battalion into Iraq. Living under constant threat of IED’s and ambush, General Burton was even tasked with luring the hyenas and bears and lions of the Baghdad zoo back into their enclosures after the Iraqi Republican Guard released them onto the streets.

His troops tell me General Burton is a leader who takes the time to teach and mentor others, helping them recognize their own potential.

General Burton is highly educated, is kind, is deeply spiritual, but what he values most is his wife Charn, whose support has allowed him to serve.

General Burton often tells his soldiers, “I’m asking a lot but we will accomplish the mission.” And after 37 years of service, we say to General Burton, “Mission accomplished.”