Situational awareness – November 1, 2019

Good morning from Salt Lake City and TGIF!

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Here are the stories you need to pay attention to this morning:

  • The House votes to move forward with impeachment on a near party-line vote.
  • Mendenhall makes a last-minute bid to woo Mormon voters.
  • Who are supporters of the losing candidates in the SLC mayoral primary backing in the general election?

Friday trivia

This week’s stumper comes from subscriber Stan Rasmussen. It seems like an easy question, but looks can be deceiving.

Has Utah’s iconic Delicate Arch always been known by that name? If not, what name was previously given to the landmark?

Send in your guesses to me via email at [email protected]. The first person to submit a correct answer gets to ask next Friday’s trivia question.

Good luck!


Days to the 2019 Utah municipal elections: 4 (11/5/2019)

Days to the first day of the 2020 Utah Legislature: 87 (1/27/2020)

Days to the Utah presidential primaries: 123 (3/3/2020)

Days to the 2020 Utah primary elections: 242 (6/23/2020)

Days to the 2020 election: 368 (11/3/2020)