Utah voters disapprove of both Republicans and Democrats in Congress

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Utah voters don’t much like how Congress is doing its job, a new UtahPolicy.com/Y2 Analytics poll finds.

But in very red Utah, here is an interesting comparison: Utahns are displeased with Republicans in Congress about the same as they are displeased with Democrats.

The new Utah Political Trends survey shows, once again, that GOP President Donald Trump is in trouble in Republican-heavy Utah — since Democrats in the U.S. House are conducting impeachment hearings on the president, and almost daily, it seems, more troubling information comes out about how Trump and his attorney Rudy Giuliani pressured top Ukrainian officials to conduct investigations into former vice president, and now presidential Democratic candidate, Joe Biden and his son.

Y2 finds that across Utah, 37 percent of voters approve of the job congressional Republicans are doing, but 60 percent disapprove. Two percent don’t know.

Thirty-four percent approve of the job congressional Democrats are doing, while 64 percent disapprove, and 3 percent don’t know.

20191105 QAPPROVAL Republicans Topline

20191105QAPPROVAL Democrats Topline

So the numbers on how Republicans are doing and how Democrats are doing in Congress are about the same — a shocker in very red Utah, where Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than 2-1.

There’s good news for U.S. Rep. Ben McAdams, D-Utah, in the survey: His 4th District voters give Republicans in Congress about the same approval ratings as Democrats, 41-58 percent approval and 41-57 percent approval, respectively.

And this in a district that is +13 points in GOP voting, normally. So unlike the other three U.S. House districts, Democratic members of Congress are not disliked as much in the 4th.

As you would expect, Utah Republicans like what Republican congressmen are doing more than they like what congressional Democrats are doing.

But look at this:

— While “strong” Republicans give GOP congressmen an approval rating of 77-23 percent, the tide turns when you ask “not so strong” Utah Republicans and those who “lean” toward the Republican Party.

— “Not so strong” Utah Republicans give Republicans in Congress a 51-47 percent approval rating — meaning 47 percent of them disapprove of how their own party is doing in Congress.

— Those who said they “lean” toward the GOP, the favorability rating is 53-47 percent.

— True independents say a plague upon both your houses — they give congressional Republicans a 67-29 percent disapproval rating and give congressional Democrats a 64-31 percent disapproval rating.

— Utah Democrats stand with their congressional party members in higher percentages than Utah Republicans stand with their GOP congressmen.

— Some numbers that jump out — 23 percent of “strong” Utah Republicans disapprove of the job their party members are doing in Congress.

That is almost a fourth of good Utah Republicans don’t like what their party is doing in the U.S. House and Senate.

20191105 QAPPROVAL Republicans in Congress Party7

20191105 QAPPROVAL Democrats in Congress Party7

Finally, “very active” members of the LDS faith in the state don’t like what Republicans are doing in Congress. But they really, really don’t like what Democrats in Congress are doing.

The “very active” Mormons have a 48-51 percent approval rating for GOP congressmen, but a poor 23-74 percent approval rating for Democrats in Congress.