Romney has lunch with Trump; Says meeting was ‘delightful’ despite past rancor

Mitt Romney 06

Sen. Mitt Romney had lunch with President Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday, after which he called the meeting “delightful.”

That’s notable as just last month Trump was attacking Romney on Twitter as a “pompous ass.” That came after Romney ripped Trump for his efforts to get foreign countries to investigate his political rivals, saying it was “wrong and appalling.”

From The Hill:

“It was a very delightful meeting with the president and vice president and senior members of his staff and several Republican senators. We were able to talk about vaping and considered various options, and each of us spoke about our thoughts in that regard,” Romney told reporters after the meeting.


Asked if he or the president acknowledged any of the past tension in their relationship, Romney simply said, “nope” and added, “yes, of course” when asked if he shook Trump’s hand.


“We’re friendly and cordial,” he said.

The Hill reports Trump and Romney discussed efforts to curb use of vaping products and measures to reduce prescription drug costs.

“We did have a discussion about USMCA. He obviously has a desire to get that passed,” Romney confirmed, adding that Trump offered no comment about the prospects of an imminent deal with Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) to move the stalled trade pact.


Trump opened the meeting with a brief discussion about the House impeachment proceedings but GOP senators who were in the room said it wasn’t anything he hasn’t already said in public. 


The president and senators also discussed recent Republican losses in Kentucky and Louisiana, where Republicans lost gubernatorial races. 


Trump courteously listened to Romney’s ideas on curbing vaping products, an issue that has become prominent since the vaping-related deaths of nearly 50 people and illnesses affecting more than 2,000 people this year.


“I expressed my point of view, which is that I thought that there is a great deal of support for removing, if you will, the candy flavors. And while there may not be a lot of support for removing the menthol flavor, then I hope we can make progress on those places where there is general support,” Romney said. 


The lawmaker from Utah told Trump that he hoped that the Food and Drug Administration would take action to regulate vaping products while Congress considers legislation.