CYBER 24 episode 61: Having a cybersecurity plan in place makes business more valuable

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A recent study shows that businesses that have a cybersecurity policy in place – and are willing to talk about it – are more valuable to investors. 

Having policies in place for protecting your business against cybercriminals and to protect the data you collect is critical, but so is having an incident response plan including a communication plan. That much has become a more commonly accepted position. But calibrating just how much you should say publicly can be tricky. Businesses have to balance their interests between sharing with customers and potential investors that they value a culture of cybersecurity without drawing unwanted attention from hackers looking for a challenge. 

In this week’s episode of CYBER24, we discuss the pros and cons of talking about your commitment to cybersecurity with our expert panel. Plus, we look at the recent adventures of the President’s top cybersecurity advisor and what you should know before you take your devices in for repair.