Lee says Democrats are making a mistake by moving ahead with impeaching Trump

20191205 Lee Fox

Sen. Mike Lee said he expects Democrats in the House to vote to impeach President Trump before Christmas, but he says the White House will ultimately prevail.

Lee is part of a group of Republican Senators helping the White House prepare for an eventual trial if, as expected, the House moves forward with impeachment. He said on Fox News Wednesday night that the White House is ready to defend President Donald Trump when the impeachment process reaches the Senate.

“We had confidential discussions that were helpful. What I can tell you is the White House counsel is doing a fantastic job. He is ready to go. If they were to move forward tomorrow, he would be ready to go to trial and he would win,” said Lee.

Lee also slammed the impeachment process in the House, claiming Democrats are railroading President Trump because their case against him is weak.

“This is unprecedented. With the president and his team not being able to call witnesses. Not having any due process,” said Lee. What is worse, the reason why they are not giving them these procedural rights is because they are lacking in substance. They know their case is weak, so they try to cover it up by denying the president procedural rights.”

Lee predicted that Democrats will pay a heavy price politically for rushing through their impeachment process.

“I think they will regret this,” he said. “If the House of Representatives decides to impeach, and I think they shouldn’t, they should do it before Christmas. I think they will do it before Christmas, and I think it’s a mistake.”

Watch the clip below via Fox News: