Trump administration allows Utah to expand Medicaid with work requirements

Utah Medicaid Expansion Rally

On Monday the Trump administration gave permission to Utah officials to fully expand Medicaid with a work requirement for recipients.

The Washington Post reports the decision will expand Medicaid to about 120,000 adults in the state. Courts have been skeptical of work requirements in other states.

The Trump administration has generally taken a favorable view toward work requirements, and nearly 20 states have asked to implement them. A number of states, though, have backed away after a federal court decision in March blocked the requirements in Arkansas and Kentucky. The ruling found the measures undermined the program’s mission of providing healthcare for the needy.

Work requirement programs have since been suspended or dropped in states such as Arizona, New Hampshire, Indiana and Maine.

Utahns seeking Medicaid coverage must apply for 48 jobs within the first three months of eligibility.

Voters passed Prop. 3 in 2018, but the Utah legislature replaced full expansion with a scaled-back version that relied on waivers from the Trump administration allowing the state to expand coverage to fewer people. Those waivers never materialized, leading to today’s decision.