Situational awareness – December 24, 2019

Good Tuesday morning from Salt Lake City.

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Here are the stories you need to pay attention to this morning:

  • The feds approve Utah’s full Medicaid expansion with work requirements.
  • Most Utahns say they plan to stay home for the holidays.
  • Court documents say House Democrats could impeach President Trump again.


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Have a very Merry Christmas.


Days to the first day of the 2020 Utah Legislature: 34 (1/27/2020)

Days to the 2020 Iowa Caucuses: 41 (2/3/2020)

Days to the Utah presidential primaries: 70 (3/3/2020)

Days to the final day of the 2020 Utah Legislature: 79 (3/12/2020)

Days to the 2020 Utah primary elections: 189 (6/30/2020)

Days to the 2020 election: 315 (11/3/2020)