Lee says Trump administration officials refused to answer his questions about strike on Iranian military leader

20200108 Lee Fox 02

Sen. Mike Lee caused serious waves when he ripped a military briefing about the attack that killed Iranian Maj. Gen. Qasem Soleimani, saying it was “insulting” and the worst he’s ever seen. Lee took to Fox News Wednesday night to explain why he was so angry.

“I was hoping to reach a conclusion as to the legal, constitutional and moral justification today, and I feel like I did not get my question answered,” said Lee.

Lee also said he was upset with what he saw as a “dismissive attitude” from the Trump administration about the attack. 

“I repeatedly asked them what circumstances you would need to come back to us to get authority from Congress before taking action against Iran. For, example, if they wanted to take out the supreme leader? Would you, in that circumstance, need to come back to Congress for a declaration of war and authorization for the use of military force? They refused to answer that question,” said Lee.

The Trump administration has said Soleimani was planning an imminent attack on Americans, which necessitated the drone strike that ended his life. Lee says the military officials who briefed him about the attack did not provide any details to back up that reasoning. 

“They told us there would be an imminent attack had they not taken this strike on Friday. I’m going to be lawful. What is the nature of that attack? When would that have occurred? They refused to answer the question,” fumed Lee.

Watch the clip below via Fox News.