Video: Fox host Laura Ingraham threatens to move to Utah to run against Romney

20200206 Ingraham Fox

Fox News host Laura Ingraham blistered Sen. Mitt Romney Wednesday night for his vote to remove President Donald Trump from office. She called on Romney to resign, threatening to move to Utah and run against him in 2024 if he doesn’t.

Ingraham spent a significant part of her Wednesday program hammering Romney’s vote to convict Trump on abuse of power charges. She then demanded Romney immediately resign his office.

“Mitt, you made your stand, now you should resign,” said Ingraham. 

Ingraham said Romney will no longer have any influence in Washington, and should step down because he will not be able to help the people of Utah who elected him. If he doesn’t, she threatened to move to Utah to take him on in 2024.

“Utah should never forget. And if I have to move there to run against him in four and a half years, I will. I do like that Park City skiing and summer hiking,” she said.

Watch the clip below via Fox News: