Poll shows more Utahns think Democrats in the Legislature care about them more than do Republicans


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Here’s another example showing Utahns are not really happy with the Republican-controlled state legislature. 

A new poll concludes Utahns believe Democrats in the Legislature are more concerned with the public’s well-being than are Republicans.

This one has to hurt the majority party on Capitol Hill.

A new UtahPolicy.com/KUTV 2 survey by Y2 Analytics shows that 22 percent of Utah voters believe Democrats in the Legislature are “very concerned” about their well-being.

Only 18 percent said that GOP legislators are “very concerned” about their well-being.

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Utah is a very Republican state, and the GOP holds a two-thirds super-majority in both the House and Senate.

This, of course, has to do with the tax reform package that Republican legislators and GOP Gov. Gary Herbert pushed through a December special session, only to repeal the massive tax bill the second day of the 45-day general session several weeks ago in the face of what appeared to be a successful citizen referendum aimed at repealing the tax law.

The new survey finds that 50 percent of voters believe GOP legislators are “somewhat concerned” about their well-being, while 32 percent said they are “not really concerned” about them at all.

Democrats don’t do as well as Republicans in these categories: 43 percent of voters say Democrats are “somewhat concerned,” while 35 percent said Democrats on Capitol Hill are “not really concerned” about them at all.

But it’s the first category that should concern Republicans. Remember, this poll is among ALL Utahns, and Republicans outnumber Democrats by more than 3-to-1, and hold large majorities over independents as well.

Herbert, also, has fallen down in the popularity polling — again because of tax reform, which he didn’t lead out on, but did sign into law.

The new survey finds that only 29 percent of Utahns say the governor has their well-being most in mind, 47 percent said he “somewhat” has concern for their well-being, while 24 percent said he is “not really concerned” about them at all.

Who gets the highest ranking?

President Donald Trump.

Among all Utahns, 42 percent said Trump is “very concerned” about their well-being, 15 percent said he is “somewhat concerned” about them, while 42 percent said he is “not really concerned” at all.

Clearly, Trump is very divisive on these issues, as one may expect — 74 percent of “strong” Republican say Trump cares for them, while 56 percent of political independents say Trump is “very concerned” about them, and 85 percent of Democrats say Trump doesn’t care about them at all.

Interestingly enough, Democrats in Congress and Republicans in Congress get about the same results among all Utahns, with partisans in both parties picking their party representatives as caring about them the most.

Finally, asked how your own mayor cares about you, the local bosses do well: 30 percent said their mayor cares a lot about their well-being, 49 percent said he or she “somewhat” is concerned about them, while only 21 percent — the lowest in all the categories — said their mayor doesn’t really care about them at all.

The Utah Political Trends survey was conducted January 16-30, 2020 by Y2 Analytics among 2,296 likely Utah voters with a margin of error +/- 2.1% points. You can read more about the polling methodology here.

UtahPolicy.com recently partnered with KUTV 2 News and Y2 Analytics and will be providing polling results on a regular basis throughout the election season.