Dems might not be up to it, but Trump can defeat Trump

LaVarr Webb

Pres. Trump just can’t stand prosperity. He’s been on a roll, his support has been rising, and Democrats are badly divided and worried about their presidential race.

If Trump would just act presidential, be a little magnanimous, end name-calling, stop seeking revenge, refrain from picking unnecessary fights, and restrict his tweeting to meaningful topics, he’d win support beyond his base.

Alas, he seems incapable of doing those things. Trump, it seems, must always be Trump — even if he hurts himself.  

It’s possible he does the distasteful stuff as a strategy. More likely, he just can’t help himself. He obviously feels he has to be the major topic of every news cycle, positive or negative. He can’t go even a day or two without doing something to lead the news broadcasts. In fact, I think he believes each news cycle lasts only an hour, and he has to tweet something to get a mention every hour.

I understand his compulsion that if he gets punched, he punches back twice as hard. That’s OK for the big things, but it is exhausting when Trump responds to every slight, large or small.

Certainly, the Democrats and the mainstream media are just as nasty as Trump. It’s not paranoia when enemies really are trying to destroy you. I’m not suggesting that Trump shouldn’t fight back. But on a 1-10 scale, with 10 being where he is today, if he could back off to just a seven, it would help him greatly.

Trump’s biggest strength is that he’s been getting the big things right. His policies have had good outcomes. People are feeling good about their lives. He’d be unstoppable if he wouldn’t stop himself.