National Republicans again target McAdams, this time over Pelosi speech ripping

20200218 McAdams Ad

National Republicans are once again hitting Democrat Ben McAdams with an ad campaign, this time targeting House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s speech ripping at President Donald Trump’s State of the Union Address.

The 15-second ad, titled “Tantrum,” does not mention impeachment, but takes direct aim at Pelosi

“The House of Representatives has turned into a daycare under Democratic leadership,” says the ad. “Their agenda? Temper tantrums, ripping papers, lying and wasting your money. Your representative is part of the problem. Tell Ben McAdams to stop playing games and get to work for us.”

McAdams confronted Pelosi on the House floor earlier this month during a vote on a Republican-sponsored reprimand of the Speaker following the speech ripping incident. The Washington Post reports McAdams told Pelosi the gesture was “inappropriate” and “beneath us.” McAdams voted against the GOP measure.

“Utahns know Ben is an independent voice who isn’t shy about standing up to Nancy Pelosi or anybody in Washington for that matter. They’re not going to be convinced otherwise by these silly negative ads,” said McAdams campaign manager Andrew Roberts.

The impeachment saga took a toll on McAdams as his approval ratings among 4th District voters dropped by 11 points between October and January according to and KUTV 2News polling.

McAdams has raised more money during this election cycle than all of his Republican opponents combined.