Press release: Devin Thorpe declares candidacy in 3rd congressional district

Devin Thorpe, a Democrat, has announced he is running to represent the people in Utah’s 3rd Congressional District.

“Utah is growing and prosperous and Utahns want everyone to have an equal opportunity to share in the amazing future that’s coming,” said Thorpe. “I’ve spent my life traveling through Utah, meeting people from Salt Lake to Moab and down through San Juan County. It’s evident that Utahns in every county and across the political spectrum share so many of the same values. We are compassionate and we believe everyone ought to have a fair shake—we don’t leave people behind. Utah deserves someone bold enough to fight—and vote!—to ensure the best future for all of us.”

A Provo native, Devin has lived most of his adult life in Utah. For the past eight years, Devin has been writing and speaking about doing good in the world. In 2012, while teaching business courses at South China University of Technology in China with his wife, Gail, he wrote the book Your Mark on the World about using our own money in pursuit of values-driven goals. Devin’s “Your Mark on the World” podcast, featuring 1,200 local and global change-makers, focuses on eradicating poverty, improving global health, and reversing climate change. Devin is turning his focus now to impacting change right here in Utah.

As a Democrat, Devin is committed to working within his party and across the aisle to create bold solutions. “Everyday Utahns have watched as the DC establishment has left them behind,” Devin said. “Real and lasting change—the kind that can be felt in the living rooms and around kitchen tables of Utahns from White Mesa to White City—comes from bold solutions and innovative leaders. It’s change that cuts across party lines to create a new, hopeful path for the future. Working together, I know we can provide economic opportunity and restore the hope of the American dream, ensure affordable healthcare for everyone, and transition to an economy based on clean, affordable, renewable energy, promoting economic growth here at home and preserving our earth for future generations.”

Devin is a sixth-generation Utahn. His love of public service was planted at the age of 11, working alongside his father, mucking out the basements of strangers whose homes were decimated in the wake of the Teton Dam disaster. Devin is committed to delivering Utah’s promise of prosperity and opportunity to the front steps of every Utahn.

Devin Thorpe is a Provo native and sixth-generation Utahn; a Democrat; a best-selling author, educator, speaker, and champion of social good; a regular Forbes contributor and creator of “Your Mark on the World” show, featuring 1,200 interviews with global agents of change; a Rotarian; a graduate of the University of Utah, with an MBA from Cornell University; and frequently finding himself on airplanes, he is grateful to be middle-seat sized. Visit: