Today in history – June 29

1776 – The Virginia state constitution was adopted.

1853 – The Senate ratified the $10 million Gadsen Purchase from Mexico, adding more than 29,000 square miles to the territories of Arizona and New Mexico.

1950 – President Harry Truman authorized a sea blockade of Korea during the Korean War.

1956 – The Federal Aid Highway Act of 1956 is signed, officially creating the United States Interstate Highway System.

1958 – Brazil won their first World Cup.

1972 – The Supreme Court rules in the case Furman v. Georgia that arbitrary and inconsistent of the death penalty violates the Eighth and Fourteenth Amendments, and constitutes cruel and unusual punishment.

2007 – The Apple iPhone went on sale. 

2009 – Financier Bernard Madoff received a 150-year sentence for his multibillion-dollar fraud.