Whoops! Government Drone Delivered to Wrong Address

A Reddit user says UPS mistakenly delivered a $350,000 drone to his house instead of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The user posted pictures of the drone and the box, which had his address on it.

Image: The Daily Dot

NOAA confirmed part of the drone went missing during shipment to a marine sanctuary in Massachusetts.

From the Daily Dot:

“It’s odd, all the labels were to me, and my address,” he wrote. “That note designating that it’s government property was inside the case. In all fairness, the UPS guy that delivered it said it was part 2 of my package, so I genuinely thought at first, that it was part of the weight lifting bench set I ordered. Not sure if that will protect me from the government though.”

Another redditor, who said he served in Afghanistan, pointed out that the drone is a Puma AE unmanned aerial vehicle, or UAV, which are used by NOAA to “spy on nature.” (Their words, not ours.)

“It has a range of up to 22 kilometres, has a gyro stabilized, HD, thermal camera,” the redditor wrote. “The remote is a little like a Wii U remote, only it’s probably more expensive 🙂 The UAV can be hand launched, but the propeller needs to be running at max rpm and there is a serious risk of damage to the operator. Even though the blades are made from plastic, they will easily sever a finger!”