Utah’s Attempt to Use Online Voting in Presidential Primary Apparently Spooks Iowa Democrats

It looks like Utah’s attempt to jump to the head of the line in the 2016 presidential nominating race got the attention of Iowa’s Democratic Party.

U.S. News and World Report says the Iowa Democratic Party is considering using online voting during their caucuses in 2016 in order to boost participation.

Rep. Jon Cox (R-Ephriam) sponsored a measure during the 2014 session to have Utah hold their presidential primary before any other state by using online voting. That idea died in the final hours of the session, but Cox says this current effort by Iowa Democrats shows it has merit.

“I applaud Iowa for being forward thinking on the value of online voting,” says Cox.  “The benefit of online voting is not only the added flexibility in setting an election date, but more importantly it can save a state money and increase voter participation.”

Cox adds online voting is an idea whose time has come.

“We process millions of dollars in online transactions every day without thinking twice, but people still need to be convinced that casting a ballot online would also be safe and secure. We dealt with the same problem several years ago at the state GOP convention when the state party began using electronic voting, but I believe delegates would overwhelmingly agree that the process is far improved over the paper ballots we used to have.”

The Democratic National Committee has allowed the option of online voting in primaries since 2008, but no state has ever used it.