National Headlines 5-7-14

Rush Limbaugh rips women Monica Lewinsky writers (Politico)

Cruz derides Obama ‘pattern of lawlessness’ in executive action (The Hill)

White House rejects Russian troop claims (The Hill)

Report from GAO finds one federal layoff from sequester (The Hill)

House passes resolution calling for IRS special counsel (The Hill)

The Most Surprising Thing About Monica Lewinsky’s Vanity Fair Article (Slate)

GOP-led House votes to hold former IRS official in contempt (CNN)

Bible curriculum set for Oklahoma part of evangelization strategy by family behind Hobby Lobby (Associated Press)

Lynne Cheney says Clintons behind Monica Lewinsky story. Really? (Christian Science Monitor)

Surveillance-bill compromise close in House, would end mass NSA collection of phone data (Washington Post)