Housing and racial injustice

On the 3rd day of Utah Housing Coalition’s annual housing conference, several renowned national and local speakers will address racial injustice and housing inequality. Local advocates will discuss how racism affects healthcare, education, and access to criminal justice. Nationally renowned researchers will discuss Racial and Ethnic Equity: From Fair Property Taxes to Income Mixing Strategies.

Keynote speaker will be Heather McGhee, Author Speaker Advocate. As an NBC News Political Analyst, Heather regularly elevates the concerns of working families on shows including “Meet the Press”. She has testified in Congress, drafted legislation, and developed strategies for organizations and campaigns that won changes to improve the lives of millions. For nearly two decades, Heather helped build the non-partisan “think and do” tank Demos, serving four years as president.

Guest Speakers:
April Jackson, Florida State University
Ivis Garcia, University of Utah
Margarita Santini, Pacific Islander Community Advocate
Maria Montes, Comunidades Unidas
Nate Salazar, SLC School Board of Education
Troup Howard, University of Utah

Anyone who would like to have access to the 3rd day of the conference, please email Francisca Blanc at [email protected]