5G and the future of Utah’s Inland Port

Utah’s transportation infrastructure has also allowed the state to become a crossroads for information infrastructure.

In a virtual chat, Jack Hedge from the Utah Inland Port Authority, and Andrew Scott, the CEO of QuayChain, will discuss what Utah’s information infrastructure will mean for Utah’s logistics network and a regional port system. The event will be hosted by the 5G Open Innovation Lab.
Port operations have evolved, driven by a surge in logistics demand. The complexity of these “mini-cities” are forcing suppliers, logistics providers, and Port organizations to depend much more on technology to efficiently track, coordinate, and manage both inbound and outbound demand.

This discussion will focus on the current challenges of the modern supply chain and how Ports building digital infrastructure can be central to their digital transformation and can help address congestion, fluidity and sustainability.

The event is scheduled for Wednesday, Oct. 7, noon to 1 p.m. To register, click HERE.