Webb’s Wrap: Lee at SCOTUS confirmation hearings . . . wild turkey problem

Sen. Mike Lee got the spotlight Monday in the Amy Coney Barrett confirmation hearings, not necessarily because his opening statement (view it HERE) was brilliant (I thought it was very good), but because he didn’t wear a mask 11 days after testing positive for COVID-19. The news media and social media erupted with outraged comments and stories about the maskless Lee.

During his comments, Lee waved a pocket-sized copy of the U.S. Constitution, and gave a scholarly lecture on the three branches of government and the responsibility of a U.S. Supreme Court justice. His main point was that the Supreme Court is not political, does not make laws or policy, and therefore the Democrats on the Judiciary Committee should not attempt to ascribe policy views to Barrett and should not try to guess how she might vote on cases that come before the court.

Lee said the Supreme Court, while not perfect, is the envy of world. And he said by far the most common configuration of votes on court decisions is 9-0, 8-1 or 7-2 — not 4-5. Lee also said most high court decisions leave ample room for policymakers to revisit issues and make corrections and changes and work around the decision. Lee made the case that confirmation of Barrett isn’t going to upend the universe as some Democrats apparently fear. 

Reader Response. Bob Stewart wrote: I am writing not to tell you are an idiot, however as a trumpster you distort what Democrats are.  First, we are not evil haters of America, we actually believe in the institutions of Democracy. Second, regarding your comment about being at battle with the left wing of the party,  it was not left wing domestic terrorists that were arrested in Michigan for planning to kidnap the governor there.  Trump encourages the right wing of his party, of racists, anarchism and hate. 

I was hopeful that Utah Policies would remain partially neutral with their articles and local news coverage. 

Fun Facts. Utahns get criticized for being bad drivers but, in reality, Utah is a pretty safe place to drive. An analysis of National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data by Reviews.com shows Utah is way down at No. 45 in a ranking of the most dangerous states for driving. See analysis HERE.  The good news overall is that car crashes all across America are killing fewer people. Speeding and drunk driving deaths dropped 6 percent and 4 percent, respectively, while pedestrian, motorcycle and bicyclists deaths were up.

Parting Shot. I have a wild turkey problem (no, not the alcoholic beverage). My problem is that a big flock of about 30 turkeys invades my yard several times a day. They scarf down my chicken feed, fly into the apple trees and knock branches off, fly onto my roof and stomp around, and poop everywhere. My dogs used to chase them off, but now the dogs assume the turkeys are just part of our poultry menagerie and they ignore them. I chase them off, but they come right back. They are actually kinda fun to watch as they chase each other around for a bite of an apple, but they are becoming annoying. Any bright ideas? Let me know at [email protected].   

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