New report examines constitutional amendments before voters

Utah Foundation launched its new election-year product – On the Ballot – which examines ballot measures. On the Ballot: Constitutional Amendments, November 3, 2020, analyzes seven proposed amendments. The purpose of the report is to inform voters of the substance of the propositions. Utah Foundation takes no positions on the amendments.

There are seven amendments on the ballot:

  *   Amendment A would change language in the constitution that applies to one gender.
  *   Amendment B would clarify the age requirement for legislators at election.
  *   Amendment C would remove the option for slavery as punishment for a crime.
  *   Amendment D would clarify that cities can supply water to neighboring communities, individual consumers and others outside of cities’ boundaries.
  *   Amendment E would guarantee the right to hunt and fish in the Utah Constitution.
  *   Amendment F would allow the Utah State Legislature to set the legislative session start date by statute.
  *   Amendment G would allow the state to expand the use of income tax revenue from the current limitation pledging it to education purposes only to also include support services and programs for children and people with disabilities.

One amendment stands out as the most contentious: Amendment G. It would expand the constitutional revenue dedication that currently earmarks the use of income tax revenue for education. On one hand, it would provide additional budgetary flexibility to potentially address pressures in other areas of the state budget. On the other hand, it would somewhat lower the constitutional wall of protection directing income tax revenues to education.

“We’re pleased to launch On the Ballot,” Utah Foundation President Peter Reichard said. “We hope our analyses will help voters to make educated choices.”

Read the report on Utah Foundation’s website.