Situational Analysis – October 20, 2020

Welcome to Tuesday. Two weeks to go. What is most probable: Donald Trump wins re-election? Or BYU gets in the college football playoff national championship series?


1 day to the Utah Attorney General debate (10/21/2020)

2 days to the third presidential debate (10/22/2020)

14 days to the 2020 election (11/3/2020)

91 days to inauguration day (01/20/2021)

97 days to the start of the 2021 Utah Legislature (1/25/2021)

Trivia Quiz Update

Because exactly no one was able to answer my easy trivial question: “What Utah politician, who seemingly couldn’t resist running for higher office, said, ‘Whenever someone whispers in my ear I hear the Mormon Tabernacle Choir singing the Hallelujah Chorus’?” Here are some hints: This charismatic politician served in Congress and his son also ran for Congress. Besides running for Congress several times, he ran for the U.S. Senate twice and for governor once.

Please send your answer by end of day Wednesday to [email protected].